Pinhead Games partners with John Green to Produce Nearly Departed

Zombie Freeware Adventure Game now in development.

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania – December 8, 2005 – Today, Pinhead Games, award winning developers of  web based adventure games, announced their collaboration with artist/developer John Green to develop Nearly Departed: The Story of a Reluctant Zombie™.  In Nearly Departed, players control a laid back zombie with amnesia, and have to solve the mystery of his demise while resisting his craving for BRAINS!
Developed by concurrently by John Green and Pinhead Games, Nearly Departed will continue to uphold the high production values and maintain the quality of interactive entertainment as establish by Pinhead Games. Nearly Departed will be developed using the LASSIE Adventure Studio.

About John Green:
John Green went to School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, where he majored in Graphic Design. He formed Cryptic Press with partner Dave Roman, to publish comics
Quicken Forbidden and Teen Boat . Upon graduating he became Assistant Art Director of the now defunct Penthouse Comix . Shortly after he went on to become the Comics Assistant at Disney Adventures Magazine . After a brief stint as an Assistant Editor, he went freelance. In addition to handling layout and production of the comics that appear in Disney Adventures , he writes, colors, and letters a number of them. He also does illustrations for Disney , as well as letter comics for Nickelodeon.

About Pinhead Games:
Pinhead Games is an award winning developer of web-based interactive entertainment focusing on Point & Click adventure games. Pinhead Games primary goal is to create games with story and characters that the player can identify with. Games rich with character and story depth form a unique bond with the player, and leave a lasting impression, one that they are eager to pass onto and share with others.
Pinhead Games’ titles are fun, episode length games designed to bring you the entertainment equivalent of a Saturday matinee while engaging the player with brain teasing puzzles and addicting game play.

Pinhead Games’ titles; A Case of the Crabs, Brain Hotel, and The Goat in the Grey Fedora have been featured in game publications world wide, consistently received high reviews, and have earned several awards and nominations including Director’s Choice: WV Flash Animation Festival 2005, Reader’s Choice- Best Freeware adventure: The Inventory, and Best Independent Game: Adventure