Teen Boat is a humor series that combines the angst of being a teen with the thrill of being a boat! Teen Boat, or TB as his friends call him, is your typical high school kid. He has to deal with peer pressure, unrequited love, bullies, and crazy teachers just like any other teenager. But unlike the "normal" kids, TB has the power to turn into a boat. And with great power comes great anxiety, as TB learns again and again that being able to turn into something really cool doesn't always make you popular.

I co-created Teen Boat with writer Dave Roman, and together we publish the mini-comics through our company Cryptic Press. We're currently up to issue 6, which won an Ignatz Award in 2004 for Best Debut Book.

Click through the below thumbnails to see a cover gallery of all 6 issues. Be sure to check out TB's website to learn all about his campaign for Class President.

To read a sample issue, visit www.Realmsend.com. You can find Teen Boat mini-comics for sale online at Optical Sloth.