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I know I am behind in keeping my website up to date, and I'm certainly late with this announcement, but it will at least be exciting news for a while:

Written by New York Times bestselling author Dave Roman and illustrated by John Green,
Teen Boat! is the story of a boy with the power to transform into a small yacht!

From breaking out in barnacles to facing pirates and detention, all the challenges of adolescence are given a nautical twist.

Being a teen and being a boat means dealing with a lot of pier pressure!

This full-color, 144-page graphic novel collects the Ignatz Award-winning mini-comic plus over 50 pages of new comics and bonus material.

ISBN 978-0-547-63669-6


I added another PlayStation HOME event I worked on to my GAMES page. This one is the DEMON GOURD, naturally for Halloween.


After a year hiatus I will be attending San Diego Comic-Con again, July 21-25. I will be at the Comics Bakery table in the Small Press area. It's table L-06, which can be found somewhere on this map:

I will have original pencil pages of the Phineas & Ferb comics I've been doing for Disney, and I should also have the first two Junior Graphic Novels that I've adapted (which can also be found on Amazon HERE and HERE.) I will also have the new Space Office #2 mini-comic, plus Teen Boat and Jax Epoch comics. And on Sunday at noon I'll be on a panel with Dave Roman and Raina Telgemeier doing some fun interactive comics making stuff.

In other news, PUZZLE BOTS has been accepted into the PAX 10! So I will be attending PAX Prime in Seattle in September along with the game's designer, Erin Robinson.


I've updated my site! Most of the new content can be found in the GAMES section. There are screenshots of some games I've recently worked on, plus videos of stuff I've worked on for Sony PlayStation Home. I also added handy links to PDFs of my resume and portfolio at the top of this page.


Deja vu! Again it's been almost a year since an update! As usual, I've been very busy. Over the Summer I colored background art for one adventure game which is still pretty much under wraps, and I've also been doing the background art for PUZZLE BOTS, an adventure game which should come out late this year. Since the Spring I've also had a day job where I'm Senior Lead Concept Designer. Sounds impressive, but I can't say too much about it other than if you have a PlayStation 3 and go into Home you might come across some of my creative this Halloween. It's a real stretch from my own work like NEARLY DEPARTED. Speaking of Halloween and zombies, I've decided to release an in-progress build of Nearly Departed so far. The game is still incomplete, and there are still some weird quirks to it (after playing awhile, animations start to play out of sync and dialog gets skipped, but the game is still playable, up until the point where you'll get "that part of the game is incomplete" messages.) You can find a new download link at the NEARLY DEPARTED page. Hopefully I'll have another update sooner rather than later but my track record certainly speaks against me.


Wow, it's been almost a year since an update! Well, that can only mean I've been busy. And since I am updating, that means I can finally talk about the confidential project I've been working on all this time. I've been doing artwork for a computer game that will be coming out in a few months, and you can read all the details and see screenshots in my GAMES section.


Uploaded a portfolio PDF with some of my various comic-based work (art, letters, colors, book design, that sort of thing).


I made a teaser trailer for my zombie adventure game. You can see it at the NEARLY DEPARTED site, in the NEWS section.


I've started posting my new comic SPACE OFFICE online. You can read the latest installment at WebComicsNation HERE. I also made a minor news update to my NEARLY DEPARTED site, mentioning some recent progress on my game.


I've updated by GAMES section with character designs and other miscellany.

In other news, Disney Adventures Magazine has been cancelled, which means I'm no longer the Comics Consultant for the publication. This will certainly free my schedule a bit to work for other clients, so anyone who's interested please check out my SERVICES page to see what I can do.


I'm back from Canada where I had a great time and met some great people. No big updates to the site just yet, but I'm still hard at work at the third Jax Epoch trade paperback, Teen Boat, and my game Nearly Departed. Check out my blog for any other news!


I'll be at San Diego Comic-Con from July 25th-29, at table P2 (The Comics Bakery) in the small press area. I'll have my new mini-comic, Space Office, among other things. After Comic-Con, I'll be at the Toronto Comic Art Festival, August 18 and 19th.


I know there haven't been any updates in a long time, but I've been quite busy. I'm getting ready for the MoCCA Artfest this weekend, where I'll be at the Comics Bakery (tables A7 and A8). Debuting at the show is issue 7 of TEEN BOAT, a preview of Jax Epoch and the Quicken Forbidden Volume 3, and a few other goodies.

I also recently visited my high school to see the restoration of the mural I painted senior year. You can read about it and see pics HERE.


I've redone my website! Most of it is still under construction, so you can check out the old site HERE.

For other news an updates, check my LiveJournal HERE.