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Here you will find work I've done for video games. Primarily I've done background art, but some work has involved developing 3D environments, writing interactive narrative for virtual worlds, designing mini-games, illustrating storyboards, and animation cartoon characters for promos.

Demon Gourd is another event for PlayStation Home, but this time a lot more of my creative made it into the final product. I co-designed the narrative, did the concept art for the pumpkin game and costume rewards, and did the storyboards and carved jack-o-lanterns (4 identical ones) for the promotional video--which was filmed at my parents' house! Like Cupid on Notice, below, this was also developed with Hatchback Studios.


If the above video doesn't work, you can watch it HERE.
Demon Gourd



Puzzle Bots is a casual adventure game designed by Erin Robinson, designer of the indie games Spooks and Nanobots. It's being produced by Wadjet Eye Games will come out for PC later in 2010.

The game features more than 30 screens, full voice, and 5 different robots to control each with their own special powers.

I did the background artwork, GUI design, and some ambient animation here and there. Click the poster image to the left to be taken to the game's info page, or check out some of the backgrounds by clicking the thumbnails below.

Hatchback Studios developed the narrative and virtual world interactive for Sony PlayStation Home's Valentine's Day 2010 campaign. I did the character design and animation seen in the video below and on the website


One of the projects I was involved in at Working Library, my previous day job, was the Villain's Lair personal space for Sony PlayStation Home. I developed the basic geography of the space and primarily designed the "World Domination" mini-game you can see around the 5:10 mark in this video:

And here is my original visual concept for the game:


Working Library created the zombie-themed Halloween 2009 campaign for Sony PlayStation Home. Below you can see the video I co-wrote and storyboarded, and at you can see some posters and the scavenger hunt game I designed for the virtual world.


A Stitch In Time is the sequel to Matt Kempke's 2007 indie game What Makes You Tick? built with the Lassie Adventure Studio game engine. I was one of the digital background painters working off Matt's pencil art. The game is scheduled to release later in 2010, but here are a few sample scenes:




Emerald City Confidential is an award-winning point-and-click adventure game. It was developed by Wadjet Eye Games and published by PlayFirst for Mac and PC in early 2009.

The game features over 40 hand-drawn 2D backgrounds, more than 6,500 lines of spoken dialog for 35 characters, and a story that takes place over 5 chapters.

I did all the artwork for backgrounds in the game (plus some background animation here and there.) Click the image to the left to be taken to the game's info page, or check out some of the backgrounds by clicking the thumbnails below.


Nearly Departed is a point-and-click adventure game in the vein of classic LucasArts games like Curse of Monkey Island and Full Throttle. You play a zombie who has to discover how and why you became a zombie. I've been working on the game for a while now, and it's coming along nicely. Check out the game's site HERE for more info, screenshots and the downloadable demo.


Nelly is a point-and-click adventure game being produced by Pinhead Games, who are also going to produce music and voices for my game, Nearly Departed. I've done character designs and animations for the game, but production on Nelly is currently on hold. Below are some samples of the work I did (click for larger versions.)


Spready Bear is a game-in-progress by Matt Hawkins, and I've done a tiny bit of work on it so far. Here is an animated concept for the itty bitty bears: