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Here you can find out about all the different things I'm available for! If you have any questions or would like to see more samples, please e-mail me. You can find links to PDFs of my portfolio and resume at the top of the NEWS page.

I've done writing, design, and artwork for a variety of games on different platforms. Check out my GAMES section for more!

I specialize in writing comics based on licensed properties, namely Disney cartoons such as Kim Possible and Pixar's Finding Nemo, among others. I've also written gag strips such as The Last Laugh for Disney Adventures Magazine, and co-create the strip Bemusement Park for Orlando Attractions Magazine.

Though I can draw in a variety of styles, I prefer to draw within a range of slightly cartoony to very cartoony. I also have over a decade's worth of experience doing art corrections on licensed comics.

I color in Photoshop and have different styles depending on the project. For comics such as WJHC and those for Disney I employ bold, flat colors to emulate the look of cartoons; for the covers of Quicken Forbidden I employ a more dynamic, rendered look.

Primarily I letter comics digitally in Illustrator, though lettering can also be done in layout programs such as Quark and InDesign. In addition to my own work, I letter comics for Disney and Nickelodeon, plus the WJHC trade paperbacks and Scholastic's Baby-Sitters Club graphic novels.

Another thing I specialize in is pre-press for comics. This can include design work from start to finish, but primarily it's laying out all elements on a page in a design program such as Quark or InDesign. It isn't just placing the letters file on top of the art file, it also means making sure a book or comic will print at the absolute best quality it can. In addition to my own comics, I did production on the comics for Disney Adventures Magazine, plus I've worked on the two WJHC books, the first issues of Farel Dalrymple's Pop Gun War and Meathaus, Dave Roman's Agnes Quill graphic novel, and Raina Telgemeier's Smile for Scholastic.

Occasionally I do random design work, such as logo design, web design, character design, and font design. You can find samples around this site.